Society Rules

  • The persons to be assisted by this Society are poor and pious ministers of the Church of England, the Church in Wales, the Church of Ireland and the Scottish Episcopal Church, whether clergy, deaconesses, or accredited lay workers, of good character, and whose ministry accords faithfully with the Articles of the Church of England.
  • The widow/widower or dependants of any person who, prior to his or her decease, had been eligible under Rule 1, may be considered for the Society's assistance.
  • The husband or wife of any person eligible under Rule 1 who is in need through the breakdown of his or her marriage may be considered for the Society's assistance, and such assistance may be extended to dependants.
  • The right to give or refuse assistance, and the amount of help to be given in each case, shall be entirely at the discretion of the Committee.
  • All subscribers of £1 or more a year shall be members of this Society, and shall have the right to vote and take part in the Annual General Meeting, or any Special General Meetings of the Society. Subscriptions shall be deemed to cover the calendar year during which payment is made.
  • A General Meeting of the members shall be held annually, for which fourteen days' notice shall be given, when a report shall be submitted of the proceedings of the Committee and of the financial position of the Society.
  • The Secretary shall at any time call a Special General Meeting of the Society, upon receiving a requisition signed by six members. Fourteen days' notice shall be given of a Special General Meeting.
  • The Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting shall consist of Chair and Vice Chair, and not less than six other members of the Society. A Treasurer and a Secretary shall also be appointed annually.
  • The Committee shall have the power to co-opt and shall meet as often as the business of the Society may require, and four shall be a quorum. The Committee may temporarily fill vacancies in the office of Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. The Secretary or his or her representative shall attend all meetings of the Society and shall transact all such business as the Committee shall require.
  • None of the Rules of this Society shall be repealed or altered, or any new ones established, except at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, at which not less than six members shall be considered a sufficient number for transacting business. No person shall be permitted to take part in a General Meeting who has not been a member of the Society for at least a year, or whose subscription has not been paid for the calendar year in which the Meeting is held.

(as revised 5 March 1925, 3 May 1928,21 May 1973, 10 June 1983,6 June 1986,30 September 1998, 16 September 1999, 19 September 2000, 20 September 2005, 22 May 2017)